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Dear John,


Katrin and Ivan,

Have the pleasure to invite you to share our wedding day 


9thof June 2016

The wedding ceremony will be held in the Ceremonial Hall "Krasno selo" at 4:00 pm

followed by wedding dinner at 7:00 pm in the restaurant of “Pliska” Hotel.

The wedding ceremony will be witnessed by

Nataliya and Georgi Stanchevi


„There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.“

George Sand

Together with their parents,

Katrin Georgieva and Mihail Mihov,

Joyfully invite you to their marriage celebration!

On Saturday, the 13 th of September 2015

When: at 4:00 p.m. for church ceremony

at 7:00 p.m. for dinner celebration

Where: Church„St. Nicholas“

Restaurant „.......................“, Sofia, Bulgaria


Together with their parents,

Miss Alexandra Raeva and Mr Petar Georgiev

Kindly invite you to celebrate their wedding

at St Troica Church, 5 Jelezkova Str, Burgas

on Saturday 16 July 2016

at 10:30 am

and afterwards at " Belini " Hall, Hotel International Burgas




Nikolai Stefanov

request the pleasure of your company at our wedding
in celebration of life and our commitment

Saturday, 2nd March 2014
at 14:00

Restaurant “.........................”

Varna, 17 “Bregalnitsa” Str.



Alexandra und Iskren,

werden uns freuen,

unseres Fest mit euch am 5. November. 2016 mitzuteilen.


16.30 h, Zeremoniensaal von Dobritsch, “Bulgaria” Str. № 12

Heilige Geheimtrauung

17.00 h, Kirche “Der heilige Nikolai”, “Dame Gruev” Str. №10

Feierliches Abendessen und Tanzen,

18.30 h, Hotel Komplex “Rezidencia”


Petra Neuer und Hans Becker


With hope we started and trust bonded us together.

Love overwhelmed us and wisdom our guide became.

And YES to each other we've been longing to say.


Boriana and Evgeni

Kindly invite you to share the happy moment of our YES forever.

The wedding ceremony will be at .......   am/ pm on 23th of July 2016,

at the registry office on 21Bulgaria blv.

The wedding reception will start at ........ pm at Kempinski Hotel.

Bestman and Maid of honor - ..............................

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