3D Virtual tour - Restaurant Eventum, Black Sea Rama Golf & Villas

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Instructions for usage

Matterport 3D Showcase is an online web player through which you can explore the wedding venue we have scanned. It looks like 3D walkthrough  an innovative and immersive media format through which you can interact with our decorations and flowers, be INSIDE, in the middle of the wedding hall and imagine what your wedding design might be. Of course, the shown design is illustrative - we could work on other projects with you. 

* Press "Play" button.

* Wait until media loads.

* Enjoy the virtual trip by navigating with mouse cursor - with "+" and "-" from the down right corner you can "zoom in" or "zoom out" the pictures. 

Location: Eventum Hall, Black Sea Rama Golf & Villas

Virtual Tour: Valeri Genov

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